telescopic sliding gates

concept, drawing and support to build your automatic telescopic sliding gate

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Double automatic sliding gate

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An Italian Engineering Team, experts in mechanics, with smart ideas!

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We sell you our drawings. Based on our original concept we           give you the full plans to build your

automatic telescopic sliding gate

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Our knowledge can help you to engineer your custom

solution. We can design your system

and give you a ready-to-use project.

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Order a telescopic gate kit!

We design your custom telescopic gate and provide you a complete kit to automate it!


running - 2009

Multiple sliding gate

engineering -  2009

A telescopic sliding system is the perfect solution for gates where the run-back area is too small to install a double swing gate or where the side space is too small for a standard sliding gate. Our concept is the easiest and cheapest solution to build a reliable telescopic automatic sliding gate.  We’ll give you support and technical drawings to realize your telescopic gate.



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